New Year, New You

2017 was a busy year for the 18 Dental team and we are back ready for 2018.


We’re really looking forward to helping more patients smile with confidence this year.


Discrete orthodontic braces are a growing trend amongst more and more adults. For too long many people felt deeply unhappy about their smile but didn’t know how to ‘fix’ it.


As a result we are getting more and more requests for orthodontic opinions by adults who perhaps didn’t have the opportunity to have braces when they were younger, or who didn’t understand the importance of wearing retainers when their treatment was finished as teenagers.


Such a patient recently completed discrete braces treatment here at 18 Dental.  He wouldn’t smile for the camera whilst taking his before photos as he just didn’t like to show his teeth.  See the remarkable transformation for yourself.  You can’t fake a true smile!











Call us on 02870327057 for find out how we can help transform your smile in 2018.



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