Sedation for Dental Procedures

Making Your Dental Experience More Comfortable With Sedation

Sedation for dental procedures is a excellent way to make your appointment as relaxing as possible if you suffer from anxiety in relation to dental treatment.


We understand how difficult a visit to the dentist can be and therefore we offer a number of services to make this as comfortable as it can be.

Our experience in the management of dental anxiety means that we will:

  • Take time to listen to your previous dental experiences
  • Help you regain control of your dental care
  • Support you in making the most suitable choices for your dental needs
  • Offer Inhalation sedation and Intravenous sedation for treatment
  • Assist you in attaining the confident beautiful smile you deserve

Our dentists are happy to discuss with you the best way of overcoming your fears.


Why not come early and enjoy a Nespresso coffee whilst browsing a magazine in our luxurious waiting room?


Following your visit, relax in one of our soothing relaxation suites before leaving with the smile you have always dreamt of.


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