Feel embarrassed by crowded or crooked teeth? Do you avoid smiling when having your photo taken? Cosmetic braces can help. We use “white” braces to move teeth quickly, comfortably and discreetly. With treatment times from as little as 6 months, why hesitate?


This patient disliked her overlapping front teeth in photographs. Using cosmetic braces, the teeth were aligned in just 7 months.

Braces & Bonding

This patient disliked her prominent "fangs" and crowded teeth. A combination of cosmetic braces, tooth whitening and composite bonding on the upper canines were used to create the beautiful smile she so wanted.

Price Guide

Treatment Price
Cosmetic Braces Single Arch £1,950.00
Cosmetic Braces Double Arch £2,500.00
“I would definitely recommend 6 month smiles. 2 months into my treatment such a difference in my teeth. Can’t wait to see the finished result. Anyone who isnt sure about six month smiles should definitely go for it”

- V. K.